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Solar panels on a home in the Phoenix metro area. Photo courtesy of American Solar Electric
Solar panels on a home in the Phoenix metro area. Photo courtesy of American Solar Electric.

Energize the Environment by Promoting Energy Efficiency and Clean Renewables

The main focus of the Grand Canyon Chapter’s energy work is to encourage the use of renewable energy resources and to promote additional energy efficiency and conservation. Our objective is to transition from coal and gas in order to reduce global warming, pollution, and other environmental degradation related to reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. 

Our Goals

  • ensure that the Arizona Corporation Commission effectively and expeditiously implements both the Renewable Energy Standard and the Energy Efficiency Standards for both electric and gas utilities
  • support environmentally friendly energy legislation and oppose efforts to undercut renewables by further subsidizing fossil fuels
  • support and encourage cities to adopt energy efficient building codes and work to reduce energy consumption and associated emissions
  • monitor proposed electric transmission lines and utility corridors to ensure they do not affect wildlands and sensitive areas

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Get involved and take action to support clean renewable energy and energy efficiency and to oppose dirty energy sources. Check out our latest action alerts. For information about other ways to get involved, upcoming meetings and events, and more, please contact Sandy Bahr at (602) 253-8633 or

Clearing Our Skies, Why Arizona needs new safeguards to reduce coal plant pollution Arizona Regional Haze Fact Sheet (216 KB pdf)

From the ‘How-To’ Files: Catch Some Rays!

FAQ: Sierra Club’s Solar Home Promotion Program in Arizona (58 KB pdf)


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Arizona Energy Efficiency Project

We are working with other advocacy organizations to promote greater energy efficiency efforts in Arizona. Our efforts have helped to produce one of the strongest electric utility energy efficiency standards in the country – utilities must achieve 22 percent energy savings by 2020 – and have helped to convince Salt River Project to increase its commitment to energy efficiency.  (SRP is not regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission and, therefore, is not subject to the energy efficiency standard.)

Energy Efficiency Resources

Saving Energy, Saving Money! Arizonans Who Are Doing Their Part

Arizona Energy Efficiency Success Stories: Weatherization in Arizona (886 KB pdf)

Arizona Energy Efficiency Programs and Efforts: Where We Are and Where We Are Going (3.2 MB pdf) an overview on energy efficiency efforts in Arizona

Arizona Energy Efficiency Project brochure (1.3 MB pdf) more information on this project, the groups involved, and what you can do to help improve energy efficiency in our state

Salt River Project (SRP) Sustainable Portfolio Principles current information on SRP efforts. Sierra Club’s comment letter (110 KB pdf)

Energy efficient windows help save money. More Energy Resources

Energy Fact Sheet (299 KB PDF)

APS Resources

Power Plants

SRP Resources

Tucson Electric Power

If you are serviced by another electric utility company, please contact your utility about programs they provide for your home or business.

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Az Energy Efficiency Project

Other Resources

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Energy efficient windows help save money.
Energy efficient windows help save money.

To get involved with the Sierra Club’s energy work in Arizona, please contact our office at (602) 253-8633 or email Grand Canyon Chapter.

Are you interested in learning more about energy issues in Arizona and ways to get involved? Consider participating in  our Energy Group meetings and activities! We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.  Contact Jon Findley for details at (480) 756-2916 or

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