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The Glen Canyon Dam LTEMP: Our chance to request a healthier Colorado River!

The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and National Park Service (NPS) are revising the operations plan for Glen Canyon Dam.  Since Glen Canyon Dam’s closure began trapping all sediment from the upper Colorado River under Lake Powell in 1963, beaches and sandbars in Grand Canyon have eroded continuously, but proper dam operations, including carefully-timed floods and steady low flows between floods, can reverse some of the damage.  14 to 23 native species have been extirpated from the Colorado River corridor, including 4 fish. A recent United States Geological Survey report, The State of the Colorado River Ecosystem in Grand Canyon (104 KB pdf), revealed that the river’s beaches are rapidly dwindling, native fish are declining, and archeological sites are threatened.

Read Sierra Club's submission for the Scoping Phase of the new Glen Canyon Dam Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan.

Read our talking points on Glen Canyon Dam management.

In 2005, the Sierra Club and others submitted strong comments (316 KB pdf) in favor of a more protective Colorado River Management Plan. In 2006, along with several other groups, the Sierra Club won a favorable settlement (44 KB pdf) in response to our lawsuit (100 Kb pdf) to persuade the Department of Interior and Bureau of Reclamation to operate the dam in a way that will restore the river system.  

We must take this opportunity to show that the public wants a healthier Colorado River!

Grand Canyon first!


Photo of Stone Creek beach courtesy of Grand Canyon River Guides’ Adopt-a-Beach program



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