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2012 Legislative Session

Name Bill Issue Status Our Position
NOW: Rio declaration; prohibition SB1507 Anti-Environmental Policies 05/04/2012 - It is dead! The session is over. oppose
  action needed on SB1507: No action is needed as the bill died and the session is over. Find out more.
state sovereignty HCR2004 Public Lands 05/04/2012 - It is on the ballot for the fall. oppose
  action needed on HCR2004: Vote against this on the ballot! Find out more.
federal lands; conveyance and taxation SB1332 Public Lands 05/16/2012 - Governor Brewer vetoed this! oppose
  action needed on SB1332: Please thank the governor for vetoing SB1332. Find out more.
corporation commission rules; legislative approval HB2789 Energy 05/07/2012 - It never went to the floor of the Senate, so is dead for the session. oppose
  action needed on HB2789: No action is needed on this now as the bill is dead for the session. Please support renewables, however. Find out more.
military preservation; land exchanges SCR1001 State Trust Lands 05/04/2012 - This is on the ballot for 2012. support
  action needed on SCR1001: This is on the ballot for 2012, so we hope you will support it then. Find out more.
mining operations; long-term storage credits SB1417 Water--Supply 05/16/2012 - The governor signed this. oppose
  action needed on SB1417: The governor signed this, so no action is needed now. Find out more.
environmental audit privilege HB2199 Anti-Environmental Policies 04/13/2012 - The Governor signed this on 04-12-2012. oppose
  action needed on HB2199: Tell Governor Brewer you are disappointed that she signed HB2199. Find out more.
NOW: surface water management; pilot project SB1236 Water--Stream Flow 04/18/2012 - The Governor signed it - bad news for Arizona streams and rivers. oppose
  action needed on SB1236: No action is needed as the bill passed and the governor signed it. Find out more.
billboards; changing message; authorization HB2757 Other Legislation 05/16/2012 - It was vetoed by Governor Brewer, but brought back in HB2543, which she signed. oppose
  action needed on HB2757: No action is needed. Find out more.
evaluation; response; federal law SB1333 Anti-Environmental Policies 04/07/2012 - This awaits action in the House Rules Committee. oppose
  action needed on SB1333: Please ask your representatives to vote no on SB1333. Find out more.
swimming pool pumps; energy efficiency HB2775 Energy 04/07/2012 - It is supposed to go to a conference committee. oppose
  action needed on HB2775: Please ask your representatives and senator to vote no on HB2775. Find out more.
state parks revenue HB2362 Parks 03/30/2012 - It was vetoed to the Governor. support
  action needed on HB2362: Tell the governor you are disappointed in her veto of HB2362. Find out more.
aquifer protection permits: waste SB1287 Water--Aquifer Protection 04/12/2012 - The governor signed the bill yesterday. oppose
  action needed on SB1287: The governor signed the bill, so no further action is needed at this point. Find out more.
statewide initiatives; periodic reauthorization SCR1031 Ballot Measures 03/30/2012 - It failed in House Appropriations Committee 4-9. oppose
  action needed on SCR1031: No action is needed right now as it is dead. Find out more.
NOW: forest, historical and preservation funds SB1118 State Trust Lands 03/28/2012 - It failed on Third Read in the House 18-40. oppose
  action needed on SB1118: No action is needed as the bill failed -- and so far has not been resurrected. Find out more.
declaration of emergency; state authority SCR1008 Public Lands 04/15/2012 - It still awaits action in the House Rules Committee. oppose
  action needed on SCR1008: Please ask House members to oppose this bill. Find out more.
NOW: water and wastewater; denial prohibited HB2416 Water 04/15/2012 - It seems to be dead, for now. oppose
  action needed on HB2416: No action is currently required. Find out more.
trespass on state land SB1077 State Trust Lands 02/18/2012 - It was held in the Senate Natural Resources & Transportation Committee, so should be dead. oppose
  action needed on SB1077: No action is currently required as this bill appears to be dead. Find out more.
home sales; water supply disclosure HB2025 Water 04/15/2012 - It is dead for the session, again. support
  action needed on HB2025: No action is needed currently. Find out more.
improvement districts; renewable energy HB2298 Energy 02/20/2012 - It was held in the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee and is dead for the session. support
  action needed on HB2298: No action is needed as the bill is dead for the session. Find out more.

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