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Ballot Measures:
ballot measures; proposition 105 disclosure

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: HB2014&SB1293
Sponsor: Ugenti
Legislative Session: 2014 Legislative Session

HB2014 ballot measures; proposition 105 disclosure
(Ugenti) required that any campaign literature and the publicity pamphlet contain language that says the measure can "never be changed in the future" except via a three-fourths vote of the legislature that furthers the purpose or by referral to the ballot. It was amended in committee to remove the requirement that the language be placed on the ballot. While that is an improvement, there are still several inaccuracies in this brief statement. It said that the measure could be changed by referring the change to the ballot. Referring a measure to the ballot changes nothing. The change must be APPROVED BY THE VOTERS. Using the word "never" was also misleading as a measure can clearly be changed under the conditions mentioned. HB2014 would not have better informed voters, but was clearly intended to confuse, erect additional impediments, and to discourage citizen initiatives.

SB1293 contained nearly identical language, but it was removed.


05/05/2014 - The language was removed from SB1293 and HB2014 was never heard in Senate Rules Committee.

Action Needed

HB2014 died for this session, so no action is needed currently.

More information

To read the bill, click on HB2014.


Sandy Bahr at sandy.bahr@sierraclub.org or for more information.

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