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Other Legislation:
NOW: railroad projects; review

Our Position: support
Bill Number: HB2156
Sponsor: Paton, Pancrazi
Legislative Session: 2008 Legislative Session

It requires railroads that are considering potential sites for a major rail project to notify the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).  The railroad has to provide ADOT with the various alternatives for sites and routes and an assessment on the potential impacts to air quality, water resources, areas of historical or geographic significance, and the economic effects on the surrounding communities.  It requires ADOT to review the existing or proposed major rail project and hold at least one public hearing to record public comments.  We should have analysis and public review of all major projects involving state lands or resources. 


06/27/08 - It passed the House and was signed by the Governor.

Action Needed

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Sandy Bahr at (602) 253-8633 or sandy.bahr@sierraclub.org

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