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rule making; state agencies; moratorium

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: HB2240
Sponsor: Tobin
Legislative Session: 2009 Legislative Session

This bill puts a moratorium on any rule making until June 30, 2010, if the rule would have any additional costs associated with it for other agencies or for anyone else.  There are many rules that might have an additional cost up front, but save us money later.  Prevention is cheaper than trying to clean up or fix things after the fact.  While there is an exemption for rules that are to prevent an "imminent threat to public health and safety," this legislation is far too broad and totally unnecessary and merely another attempt by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the members of the Chamber to shirk their responsibilities to conduct business in a manner that does not pollute the air and water and that does not burden future generations with their mess. 


To read the bill and see a more detailed status, just click on HB2240

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