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NOW: county renewable energy incentive districts

Our Position: support
Bill Number: HB2336
Sponsor: Mason, Ableser, Chabin, et al.
Legislative Session: 2009 Legislative Session

Dale Benton with the solar panels on his house.

HB2336 authorizes the county boards of supervisors to designate renewable energy incentive districts in any unincorporated area of that county, provided the area meets certain criteria.  It requires the board to adopt a renewable energy incentive plan to encourage the construction and operation of renewable energy equipment in the district. The plan may contain:

·          Expedited zoning or rezoning procedures.

·          Expedited processing of plans, proposals, and permits.

·          Waivers or abatement of county zoning fees, processing fees, and county improvement district fees and assessments for development activities.

·          Waiver or abatement of development standards and procedural requirements.


07/10/09 - It passed both houses and was signed by the Governor.

Action Needed

Call Governor Brewer at (602) 542-4331 or toll free at 1-(800) 253-0883.  You can email here by clicking on Governor Brewer and then filling in the online form.


More information

To read a copy of the bill and see a more detailed status, click on HB2336.

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