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Other Legislation:
billboards; changing message; authorization

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: HB2757
Sponsor: Robson, J. Weiers, Allen, et al.
Legislative Session: 2012 Legislative Session

HB2757 billboards; changing message; authorization (Robson, J. Weiers, Allen, et al.) is another end run around a court decision that the billboard industry has lost. HB2757 would explicitly authorize electronic billboards.

Electronic billboards are the most aggressive form of roadway blight, emit large quantities of light upward, threatening dark skies in natural areas and Arizona’s world-renowned observatories, and consume enormous quantities of electric power and run counter to energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction.


Note, this bill was brought back in a modified version in a conference committee amendment on HB2543.  

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To see how your senator voted, click on Senate Vote HB2757.

To see how your representatives voted, click on House Vote HB2757.


The Arizona Legislature was seeking to enact legislation to undercut a court decision to limit electronic billboards. In November 2011 the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that electronic billboards along state and federal highways violate the Arizona Highway Beautification Act. The Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Phoenix, the International Dark-Sky Association, and many other organizations are opposed to HB 2757. 


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