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State Trust Lands:
trespass on state land

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1077
Sponsor: Allen, Crandell, Gowan, et al.
Legislative Session: 2012 Legislative Session

saguaro with bullet holesSB1077 trespass on state land would allow target shooting on state trust lands with a gun without any kind of recreational permit.  The State Land Commissioner could not ban target shooting for protection of resources or public safety, but would have to allow it. 


02/18/2012 - It was held in the Senate Natural Resources & Transportation Committee, so should be dead.

Action Needed

No action is currently required as this bill appears to be dead.


We are very concerned about opening up State Trust Lands to target shooting without a recreational permit. Currently, even hikers must have a permit to recreate on state trust lands, why should target shooters not be required to at a minimum have a permit? Why would you limit the State Land Department’s ability to act in the best of interest of the trust to protect the trust resources.

Irresponsible shooting on state trust lands and on public lands is destroying important public and trust resources -- hazardous materials contaminate the soil, plus trash, including large appliances, computers, and other materials are left behind and litter the landscape. This irresponsible target shooting also results in the destruction of state resources, including saguaro cacti and other vegetation, cultural resources such as petroglyphs, and more.  Please vote no on this bill. For example, an indictment was issued earlier this year for five individuals who “caused damage to trees, a cactus, vegetation, and soil in the Ironwood Forest National Monument.” The damage included shooting a 17-foot saguaro.[1]

[1] “Five indicted for damage to ironwood forest national monument.” U.S. Dept. of Justice press release. June 6, 2011 (available at: http://www.justice.gov/usao/az/PR_06062011_Quiroz.html).


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