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Land Use:
Now: unsubdivided land; definition

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1215
Sponsor: Griffin
Legislative Session: 2014 Legislative Session

SB1215 Now: unsubdivided land; definition (Griffin) will open up even more areas of our state to unsustainable development and additional wildcat subdivisions. The bill changes the definition of unsubdivided lands to include any land that is sold that constitutes the sixth lot from a particular parcel, if the sale occurs at least 10 years after the earliest of the previous five sales, and if all the sales are from the same lot and the original parcel was 36 acres or more and less than 160 acres.  

The subdivision regulation in counties is already lax, which has resulted in numerous problems with lot splits, but this would make it even worse. When counties have studied the costs of lot splits, they found significant costs associated with substandard roads, drainage, and more. Individual property owners that are going to get into the development business should meet the requirements of a developer and have to ensure that the infrastructure is adequate to accommodate it and to ensure that the impacts to neighboring private property are addressed. This bill creates another big loophole to avoid doing any of that.

SB1215 creates significant confusion for purchasers and others in determining if a split is legal.

The last thing that Arizona needs is more unregulated lot splits that cost us in public health, public safety, and that cost the tax payers dearly.


05/05/2014 - It was signed by the Governor.

Action Needed

No action is needed as the bill has been signed.

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