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Other Legislation:
administrative rules oversight committee

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1255
Sponsor: Burns, Harper
Legislative Session: 2008 Legislative Session

SB1255 reestablishes the Administrative Rules Oversight Committee (AROC), a committee that has oversight on rules and consists of 10 legislators and a representative from the governor’s office.  This committee was not an effective mechanism for addressing concerns when it existing previously and just adds more bureaucracy to an already cumbersome process.  There were good reasons that Governor Hull vetoed the bill that would have kept the AROC and that no one has really missed it since.  The entity is duplicative as there are many mechanisms for resolving issues with the rules currently.  Already rules are reviewed by assistant attorneys general and must go through the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, where many of the entities who have issues with them can raise concerns, including concerns about the impacts on business.

During a time of serious budget concerns and significant downsizing of government, we should not be adding another process that will just eat up more staff time and will duplicate processes that already exist for those who have concerns about rules.


There is an identical bill in the Senate -- HB2235.  It also passed out of both houses -- barely.

Action Needed

If you want to thank the Governor for vetoing these, you can email her by clicking on Governor.


Sandy Bahr at (602) 253-8633 or sandy.bahr@sierraclub.org

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