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Water--Aquifer Protection:
aquifer protection permits: waste

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1287
Sponsor: Griffin: Melvin
Legislative Session: 2012 Legislative Session

waterSB1287 aquifer protection permits: waste provides additional exemptions to the mines relative to aquifer protection permits, Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits, and for waste programs. Mines already are exempt from many environmental protections in Arizona – and it shows. The mining interests release more toxics than any other industry in our state and have contaminated our waters and lands alike, leaving the public with significant liability. The Arizona Legislature should consider carefully before allowing an additional exemption which could put at risk our state’s groundwater.  The bill says a new or expanded waste rock pile is not considered a discharging facility – that means no permit required. It further exempts storm discharges as well and expands the exemptions for waste tires and slag. It exempts as “waste” rock, copper concentrate, leachate material, tailings and slag, provided they are consolidated at a mining site that is located within 50 miles. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Director.


To see how your representatives voted on the bill, click on SB1287 House Vote.

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