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agricultural improvement districts; renewable energy

Our Position: support
Bill Number: SB1362
Sponsor: Aboud, Hale, Landrum Taylor, et al
Legislative Session: 2008 Legislative Session

SB1362 establishes a renewable energy standard for agricultural improvement districts – Salt River Project – and requires that they generate 15% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025.   This is the same standard Arizona Public Service and Tucson Electric Power must meet.  The bill uses the same definitions and timelines as the Arizona Corporation Commission’s rule for the regulated utilities, so it is a fair bill and does not require them to do more than is being asked of other entities.


The bill died in the Senate because Senator Flake would not hear it.  He would only hear it if SRP supported it.

Action Needed

No action needed.

More information

To view a copy of the bill or for a more detailed status click on SB1362.


Sandy Bahr at (602) 253-8633 or sandy.bahr@sierraclub.org


Twenty-two states, including Arizona, now require local utility companies to derive a specified percentage of energy from renewable sources – solar, wind, geothermal, etc.  While other utilities in Arizona are required to generate 15 percent of their energy from renewables by 2025, Salt River Project (SRP) does not, because it is not regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).  The Legislature can and should require this of SRP, however.  It is only fair and it is important for moving our state forward relative to renewable energy.  Currently, most of SRP’s renewable portfolio is hydro-power from older dams.  They also put efficiency in that mix to increase the percentage.  Neither of these is allowed in the ACC’s rule.  SRP should make the same commitment as the other Arizona utilities and all utilities should make an additional commitment to investing in energy efficiency. 


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