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Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1458
Sponsor: Gould, Groe: Harper
Legislative Session: 2008 Legislative Session

SB1458 directs the Parks Board to establish a lower fee (20% lower) for the annual passes for residents of Arizona.  While in concept this sounds great and we wholeheartedly agree with keeping our parks’ fees low, this is being proposed at a time when budgets are tight and our State Parks system is already underfunded and in trouble. There is a huge maintenance backlog and the current budget proposals would likely result in seasonal closure of parks.  The Legislature should carefully evaluate these decisions in the context of the larger funding issues for State Parks and also step up to its responsibility to adequately fund the parks before passing measures such as this.  Will the administrative work to check residency increase costs to the system?  Is 20% even the proper differential?  If you are lowering it for the annual passes, why not the daily passes?  Finally, any costs to the park system should be offset by the Legislature with the general fund or the Legislature should consider enacting a stable and ongoing funding source for Parks.  Until those questions are answered, the impacts evaluated, and our parks are given the proper support by the Legislature, we encourage the defeat of SB1458.


It was never heard in the House Natural Resources and Public Safety Committee, so the bill is dead for this session. 

Action Needed

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More information

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