The Saguaro Group supports the environmental goals set by the Arizona Chapter Executive Committee and promotes them by presenting educational programs and films,  raising money, and leading outings. Our Group elects one voting member to serve on the Executive Committee.

 We have in the past and plan more in the future programs that encourage sustainable eating options.  We've done this with pot luck dinners featuring locally grown foods and have shown films on the subject.

 We promote ways to decrease the commercial use of plastic bags and paper products.

 We encourage and participate in recycling efforts in our communities and homes.

We promote the use of solar panels, desert landscapping, water conservation, mass transportation, and energy efficient vehicles.

 Our Political Committee takes an active part in finding and electing candidates for public office who support our issues. We attempt to educate public officials and candidates about our issues. During legislative sessions we encourage our members to contact their elected representatives when their votes are needed to pass environmentally friendly legislation.

 We lead outings so that members can see first hand damages caused by mining, over-grazing, use of off- road vehicles, to name a few. Our outings all have an educational component.

 We were concerned with the pumping of water out of The Seven Springs for commercial bottling.  To address this issue, we sponsored meetings with several speakers on this subject.  Since then a new Administration and new Secretary of Interior have intervened and the draining of this vital water source has decreased significantly.

 Our outings raise money which we in turn give to fund Arizona Chapter programs including the Water Sentinels, the Grand Canyon and Borderlands. 

Stones from Hohokam ruins can still be seen in Spur Cross Ranch recreational area

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