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Barbed Wire Service Proj Photo 1    Barbed Wire Service Proj 8

The group hiking a Saguaro forest at Spur Cross       A rare saguaro named The Michellin Saguaro at Cave Creek Regional Park           

Spring wildflowers at Cave Creek Regional Park during a Sierra Club hike - March 2014

Top Left:  Spur Cross service outing to clear barbed wire (05/2014)
Top Right:  Spur Cross service outing results of hard labor, a wagon full of wire (05/2014)
Center Left: A group hike through a saguaro "forest" at Spur Cross (01/2014) 
Center Right: A segmented saguaro (
Michelin Man) at Cave Creek Regional Park (03/2014)
Bottom: A hardy meal following a cleanup detail at Needle Rock Campground (11/ 2013)

All Photos by Dianne Leis

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