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UPDATE 9 July 2010: I have created the Tucson Trail Guide Blog where I will be posting updates and news about these trails. Please be sure to check the blog to see if there is anything about a hike you are interested in. Also note that last year I created a Google Maps page that includes all the trailheads and also some trails that are not described in the guide. You can use this Google Maps page to get customized directions from your house to the trailhead.

This website is a guide to some of the trails around Tucson. The hike descriptions include directions to the trailhead, pictures, detailed trail directions, and summary information such as total distance and elevation change. There is also information about local hiking clubs.

Unfortunately, its been a few years since I have been out on most of these trails (2002 and part of 2003 off sailing the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America, followed by the birth of our daughter in 2004) so my descriptions are getting a little old. The basic trail information is probably still accurate in most cases, but don't be surprised if you run into changed conditions. If you do find inaccuracies I would appreciate it if you would email me at andyflach@yahoo.com and I will post them to the Tucson Trail Guide Blog.

The purpose of this website is to do one small thing to try and get more people out in the wilderness by making it a little easier to find information about trails. I believe that in the struggle to preserve the environment the votes that will ultimately decide the issue are the votes that we all cast with our feet, not the votes cast in legislative bodies. A glance at trailhead parking lots as compared to shopping center parking lots shows that Americans overwhelmingly prefer shopping over spending time in the wilderness. While political maneuvering and pro-environment propaganda can win certain tactical battles in the short term, in the long term the only way to effectively protect the environment is to make spending time in the wilderness an important part of the daily lives of the majority of Americans. If the average American preferred to spend an hour walking in the wilderness over spending an hour at the shopping center then urban sprawl would retreat without the need for any protests, lobbying, fundraising, or petitions. People would stop building shopping centers because they would be unpopular and wilderness areas would increase under the pressure of popular demand.

Help make wilderness more popular. Please take your friends, and especially your children, for walks on local trails as often as you can. Lets make the wilderness a part of people's daily lives and not just something that they watch on the Discovery Channel, gawk at in National Parks, or read about in magazines.

Please send me any comments or questions, and have fun out there!

Andy Flach

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If you have any suggestions or comments please email them to andyflach@yahoo.com

Last modified 2010-11-03