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Conservation Issues

A brief summary of important conservation issues:

The Upper Verde River, one of the 10 most endangered rivers in the US, is our single most important concern.

Upper Verde River Wild & Scenic River: We're working on it...

Sewage sludge pollution: Runoff from fields treated with sludge drains into the Verde.

Destructive Recreation: illegal Off Highway Vehicles damage the Upper Verde River riparian zone.

Cattle Grazing Along Verde River: Cattle are leaking into the riparian zone through cut and poorly maintained fences.

Verde River Water Quality: The Sierra Club Water Sentinels program regularly measures water quantity and quality at four locations along the Upper Verde; volunteers needed.

Verde River base flow: We are deeply concerned that current plans to pump the Big Chino Aquifer will reduce the Upper Verde River to a dry wash.

Verde River Native Fishery: The Upper Verde is one of the best surviving native fish habitats in the Southwest, plus it is Critical Habitat for the Spikedace and home to several other fish species of concern. We are assisting PNF with fish surveys and habitat preservation.

Prescott National Forest Plan revision: The current Prescott National Forest plan is now under revision, and we believe it is essential to have substantial input from conservation minded citizens.

Prescott National Forest Stewards program: PNF is under funded and needs citizen assistance for planning, management, trails development and maintenance, OHV control, trash cleanup, and lots more. A forest stewards program, kind of a "Friends of the Forest", is now under development and seeking participants from the Verde Valley and Prescott area. We support this effort and are heavily involved.

Cement kiln at Drake: Drake Cement is constructing a kiln and quarry to manufacture portland cement.The plant is now under construction and will begin operations in 2010.

Roads and Population: Local government is projecting 1.3 million people between Seligman and Prescott by 2050 without considering water resources or landscape preservation. New freeway crossings of the Verde River near Pauden have been proposed.

Iron King Mine Cleanup: The old Iron King Mine site is contaminating several Dewey-Humboldt properties with arsenic.

Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon and Yavapai County:

If you are interested in any of these issues and want to help, you are most welcome to join us. Drop us an email!



This page was last updated on May 26, 2009