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The purpose of Yavapai Group News, a monthly email newsletter, is:

- to keep you informed of local conservation issues

- to inform you of local events: hikes, meetings, etc.

- to develop a closer, supportive working relationship between members and local activists.

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August, 2014: Potluck, elections, news

March, 2014: New Outings schedule

February, 2014: Pete Seeger, 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act

November 2013: Election news, Del Rio Springs, & legal victories

October 2013: Sierra Club Elections

September 2013: Fossil Creek Management Plan

August 2013: Chapter Fund Appeal

June 2013: Sierra Club Attacked in Courier Blogs

May 2013: Water Sentinels: Going With The Flow Report

April 2013: Earth Day, Granite Creek Cleanup

March 2013: Iron King Superfund Report, Support Water Sentinels

January 2013: Purchase the Dells!

November, 2012: Holiday Party

September, 2012: Celebrating Wildlife

August, 2012: Elections, User Conflict on trails

June, 2012: Del Rio Springs

May, 2012: Grand Canyon Noise Park

April, 2012: Earth Day, Tusayan

March, 2012: Milk Mine

February, 2012: Grazing, mining...

January, 2012: Grand Canyon News

November, 2011: Meet and Greet

September, 2011: Of the Earth

July, 2011: Drake Cement Tour, Grand Canyon protected

June, 2011: Mercury in the Verde

April, 2011: Watson IBA dedication, Fossil Creek CRMP

March, 2011: Water is Life

February, 2011: Viewerie at Prescott Public Library

January, 2011: Feedback Needed

December, 2010: Clean Air over the Verde?

October, 2010:

September, 2010: Pronghorn threatened, more...

April, 2010: Wild & Scenic River, Peavine Trail, more...

March, 2010: SRP-COP Agreement, Wild & Scenic River, Peavine Trail, more...

February, 2010: Peavine Trail, Court Decision, PNF Planning, Droughtwatch, more...

December, 2009: Verde Update, more...

November, 2009: Judge Recommends Prescott Permit, Verde Update, more...

October, 2009: Verde Update, Iron King Update, Prescott NF News, CWAG News

September, 2009: Verde Update, Iron King Update, Sign contest winners

August, 2009: Taxpayer Protection Initiative, Iron King Toxic Waste

June, 2009: Awful Arizona Water Law, Chino Valley/USFWS Agreement

May, 2009: Taxpayer Protection Initiative, Pipeline Update, We Need Help!

April, 2009: Dueling Hydrologists, Pipeline Update

March, 2009: Big Chino Groundwater Model, Benedictio

February, 2009: Prescott Water Wars - Death of the Verde, Update - Freeway NOT Crossing Verde

January, 2009: Population Projections Gone Wild, Freeway Bridge Across the Verde?

December, 2008: Regional Transportation Plan, Pipeline Update

October, 2008: Prescott Seeks Authorization to Pump the Big Chino Aquifer

September, 2008: Off Highway Vehicles Damaging Verde River

August, 2008: Prescott Area Conservation Issues

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