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April '12 Newsletter, Yavapai Group

April 2012
Yavapai Group Newsletter
Sierra Club

Concerns Expressed: Pumped Storage Hydro Project

The owners of the CF Ranch in the upper Big Chino Valley have applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a preliminary permit for a pumped storage hydro project in the Big Chino Valley, southeast of Seligman.

Many concerns are now posted from citizens, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and tribes, Arizona Game & Fish Department, Prescott National Forest, Center for Biological Diversity, Arizona State Lands Department, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and others. Nearly every comment is concerned about water use.

To learn more about the project, first read the FERC application which can now be downloaded from the applicant's website using the link at the bottom of the page. You can post questions about the project. Maps of the exact project location are there also.

Help Start a Zero Waste Project

We all do our best to recycle and compost but there is more to do. It would help to have a Yavapai Zero Waste Project to promote ways to recover usable materials. We need to encourage the City of Prescott to resume glass recycling. They are considering it but need to hear from more citizens. Centralized yard waste composting would also be beneficial. The national Zero Waste Committee can help us get started:
Contact Doris Cellarius ( if you are interested in helping or would like her fact sheet on local recycling and waste reduction opportunities.

Update: Iron King Superfund Cleanup

On Wednesday April 18 the EPA will host a public information meeting to update the community on preciously completed and ongoing sampling work at the site from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Humboldt Elementary School.

Check out the Spring 2012 Canyon Echo for an article about the Dewey-Humboldt GardenRoots project. Residents became “citizen scientists” by working with U of A scientists to study what happens when you grow vegetables in local soils. Soils and crops were tested for contamination and the results were provided to the community. U of A scientists then explained and discussed the results in a public meeting.

The Dewey-Humboldt Environmental Issues Advisory Committee continues to seek members who are local residents. Contact Doris Cellarius ( for more information.

ALERT! Arizona Legislature at work...

It is a dangerous season for conservation and public lands when the Arizona legislature is in session. We need to be extremely vigilant. The Grand Canyon Chapter has a lobbyist on duty: Sandy Bahr. Sandy publishes weekly legislative updates at Also you can check out the Sierra Club legislative tracker at To receive a weekly email legislative update, email

Actions to Protect the Environment

It is very important to let our political leaders know your concern for environmental protection. The Sierra Club has dozens of petitions to our legislators that are accessible from one web page. Please take a few minutes and sign onto as many as you agree with:

State and local alerts:

National conservation issues alerts:

Yavapai Group News

547 members in Yavapai Group as of February 2012.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE VACANCY: We need a Membership Chair, Publicity Chair, and a voting ExComm member to fill a vacancy. If you are interested, contact any member of the leadership group (see below).

VERDE RIVER FLOW REPORT: At Perkinsville Bridge the flow was 14.6 cfs on March 28.

PLACER GOLD MINES: We have filed comments to PNF listing many concerns with the Milk Creek Mine. Also, we have inspected the WRD Mine site near Wilhoit, finding many practices that compromise the water quality and flow in the Hassayampa River, and commented to PNF.

USER CONFLICTS ON TRAILS: We are participating in efforts by PNF to resolve user conflicts on hiking trails in the forest. OHVs remain a concern, but a new issue is highly dangerous to equestrians and hikers alike: high speed mountain bikes barreling downhill have caused injury to riders, hikers, and horses. Wheels cannot safely share trails with other users - they need their own trails built at their own expense.

Hikes of the Month

The hike schedule for 2012 is now available: Download a pdf at:

Pre-reservation required for all hikes: contact Gary Beverly at (email preferred) or call 928-636-2638. Bring your camera. We'll learn about the natural history of and the conservation issues surrounding our Verde River -- in particular groundwater pumping that will eventually transform the Upper Verde into a dry wash, destroying the riparian habitat of several threatened and endangered species. You may ask for photos of the area.

We Need Help!

Your local Sierra Club group needs YOUR help! We need more folks to get involved with our efforts to improve our quality of life. We have an impressive list of important projects:
- Monitoring the Iron King Mine cleanup
- Monitoring Verde River flow
- Preventing water pollution from sewage sludge and effluent recharge
- Preserving open space
- Cleaning up litter in the Prescott National Forest
- Maintaining trails in PNF
- Watching over the PNF Forest Plan to assure a fair allocation of uses
- Monitoring illegal OHV access into public lands
- Assisting PNF with native fish survey
- Preserving the base flow of the Upper Verde River
- Winning designation of the Upper Verde Wild & Scenic River
- Assuring that new road construction is environmentally sound
- Guiding citizens on educational hikes in PNF and along the Verde River
- Supporting local political candidates that are environmentally aware
- Promoting energy and water conservation
- Educating the public by conducting informative and fun outings and presentations.
- Preserving the integrity of the Peavine Trail

You can choose any of the above projects, or others, that you favor! We'll help you get going. Call or email any Executive Committee member listed below to get started. THANKS!

You Can Help:

Be sure to join or renew your membership in the Sierra Club:

Subscribe to our Yavapai Group email discussions. Email for subscription.

Join and support other local groups:
Verde Watershed Association:
Citizens Water Advocacy Group:
Prescott Creeks:
Open Space Alliance:
Back Country Horsemen:

Join and support regional groups:
Arizona Rivers:
Arizona Wilderness Coalition:
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance:
Grand Canyon Trust:
Center for Biological Diversity:
The Nature Conservancy:

Attend our Executive Committee meeting, learn what we're doing, help us out!
If you have a special project that is dear to your heart and consistent with
Sierra Club goals, we'll help you work on it.

WATER TESTING: Our Water Sentinels need help once a month with water flow monitoring of our two sites in the Upper Verde River. It is easy, fun, and a great way to spend the day in beautiful surroundings. No experience required, we'll train you. for info or to join us, contact Tom Slaback,

Learn about the Verde River! Sign up for one of our informative day hikes listed above.

Group Leadership
Contact Us:

The Yavapai Group ExComm is composed of five voting members. One position is open and we are seeking volunteers to help us.

Tom Slaback, 928-778-4233,

Gary Beverly,, 928-636-2638

Joe Zarnoch,

Connie Eichenlaub, 928-776-2402,

Membership & Publicity:
Open position - volunteer needed


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